To gain a better understanding of how the Green Post™ system works, it is important to understand the mechanisms of decay.
Sections of a post decay at differing rates...
First Section - The area 2" above the soil-line to the top of the post is exposed to sunlight and good air circulation. This is a preferred environment for wood posts to last a long time. The above-ground wood in this area is exposed to nature's elements and is certainly subject to the natural weathering processes (simple wood protection methods may be required to maintain desired appearance).

Second Section - The area 2" above the ground to 6" through 16" below the soil-line is the most vulnerable area for post decay to occur because high moisture content combined with available oxygen and soil nutrients is most favorable for biological growth. It is at this vulnerable soil-line area that a post deteriorates rapidly. Laboratory tests prove that Green Post™ products eliminate decay because the elements of decay are shielded from the wood.

Third Section - Required levels of oxygen is not present for biological growth in the area 6" through 16" below the ground-line to the base of the post. Even though moisture availability is typically high at this depth, there is not enough food and oxygen to support the presence of wood destroying organisms.

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