Eliminate in-ground post decay & rot - Green Post™. The Most Affordable, All-In-One Solution for In-Ground Post Decay and Uplift Restraint. Green Post™ wrap protects in-ground wood applications from the elements. Field tested, the lighter and easier to install Green Post™ double layer wrap is a factory applied heat seal to the lumber, delivered ready to install with uplift restraint system*. This technique, when used with concrete provides maximum anchorage characteristics to resist post withdrawal generated by wind load. Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and termite tested, the Green Post™ wrap is a barrier around treated and untreated wood protecting the critical ground line area where decay occurs. The product covers the ground contact area to protect wood post applications, such as wood fence posts, pole building posts, agricultural posts, deck posts, light poles, mailbox posts, pavilion posts because it actually separates the wood from the elements that cause ground contact decay. The Green Post™ is the ideal value-added complement for products provided by commercial contractors and the pole-building industry.

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